lindsay and jp, inspiration to reality, part 3 - press coverage

wedluxe, canada's luxury magazine, has featured the design of lindsay and jp's wedding in their current issue. although you can not purchase this magazine in the states, i am attaching the 6 page feature here on my blog for you to enjoy.





lindsay and jp, inspiration to reality, part 2

modern weddings are characterized by their simplicity, bold shapes, unadulterated blocks of colors and generous white space.  the collection of images i posted in part 1 depicted a modern edge, bright colors and unpredictable elements. we took those inspirations and and turned them into this fun and creatively different wedding for lindsay and jp.


personal flowers

the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere stayed true to modern form with the use of a single element for their composition. the bouquet was constructed with 75 yellow calla lilies and the boutonniere was formed with 3 billy balls (also known as craspedia). both were wrapped with raw silk in a contrasting color.


the ceremony

we decided to keep the ceremony as simple as possible as not to take away from the natural beauty that semiahmoo resort offers.

there were simple pomander balls going down the aisle that we made out of yellow button mums. the focal point was a simple altar formed with sawhorse  legs and a sheet of glass.  the arrangement that sits on top was a collection of 45 stems of phallenopsis orchids placed in tinted blue water. yellow rose petals added the finishing touches.

 the reception

we created a fun and vibrant feel for the reception space. keeping to the true form of modern design, we kept as much white space as possible giving us a wonderful blank palette to build on.  blocks of colors were then added formed from flowers, colored water, fabric, candles, candy and even balls of tape. 

there were several types of centerpieces.  some were tall spheres formed from yellow carnations, while others were short collections of blocked textures that i stacked on top of each other.  we had small groupings of spheres made from yellow button mums as well as other 'flower blocked' arrangements formed from phallenopsis orchids, gerbera daisies and calla lilies.  all centerpieces were placed on a varying shade of aqua or blue silk that we sewed in the studio.

i wanted to use placemats for this wedding, partially to be unique but also to bring in the pattern that we had used on the invitations.  the menus were added to the side of the placemats for both color and style (and i guess to let the guests know what they were being served).

this chandelier was custom made with the help of my assistant designer, andrew clarke.  we first made the balls and then attached them to long lengths of wire.  We then painted each strand.  the strands were looped over and around the base chandelier that we also painted to match. it was the perfect statement piece to have above the cake table.

the cake table was also formed with sawhorse legs and a sheet of glass.  although i was terrified the glass was going to shatter under the weight of the heavy cake and one hundred plus pounds of candy, my worst nightmare did not come true and the table held up.

the cake was a copy from amy atlas, an amazing dessert display designer. Karen from market street catering once again did an incredible job with the cake and cupcakes. i then added modern shaped containers of whoppers, chocolate coated candies, gum balls, sugar cane sticks, taffy and other candies i purchased form the confectionery in seattlle's u-village. the candy display was both practical (serving as the favor)  and functional (another design element that allowed me to experiment with bold blocks of color)

i love soft seating at a wedding.  it is a great place to sip wine, have an intimate conversation, get away from the music in the tent, or just be some place comfortable. 

i brought these couches from my personal collection. although white is a dangerous move with soft seating, it was the perfect blank canvas to boast the silk pillows we custom made in the studio for this wedding.

thanks, bebb studios, for these great images!


lindsay and jp, what a fun wedding you let me be part of!  i loved showcasing your fun personalities, positive spirits and love for life in the design of your wedding. i appreciate so much that your focus throughout the entire planning process was on how you could best serve your guests and provide them with a fun, playful and enjoyable evening. you are a couple who deeply cares for others, and it shows in the way you live your lives daily.  that is awesome and so inspiring.

and lindsay . . . thank you for taking back those bridesmaids' dresses so we could start fresh with a new color palette! didn't i say you wouldn't regret that decision? look . . . we got into a magazine!

best wishes and a happy marriage to you both.



style me pretty feature


the most famous and notable wedding blog that exists featured one of my weddings yesterday!  check out the post when you get a chance: 

it's always encouraging and reaffirming to not only have your work posted, but to have so many nice compliments offered as well.

Thank you style me pretty!



lindsay and jp inspiration to reality, part 1

every wedding that i design begins with some sort of inspiration. sometimes it is a texture, an image, or a color, while other times inspiration might come from a specific mood, magazine clipping or even something random from someone's house.

this inspiration board below is what i used to design a wedding for lindsay and jp.

lindsey and jp wanted a fun wedding that was bright and cheerful and had the ambience of a relaxed, care free evening. they also wanted it to be thoughtfully put together, being very intentional about every detail.

this story board was the perfect answer as we looked for inspiration. the colors were happy and bright yet still distinctive and unique for a wedding.  we loved the pattern and coloring of the blue tile contrasted with the spiky yellow flower, the fun mood set with the couple having a great time in the car, and even the tone set by the image of the girl in the turquoise tights.  i was especially drawn to the bold yellow block of color that served as a background to the words in that image.

the next couple of blog entries will show how we took the inspiration set by these images and the playful tone that was conveyed and turned  it into reality for the actual wedding.


in loving memory

i've taken the past few weeks off from blogging as shortly after i posted my last entry, a few really good friends passed away on mt hood as they were attempting to summit the mountain. although there were 3 lives lost on the mountain, i was closest with the two guys that didn't make it down from their climb, anthony vietti and luke gullberg.

death is a complex phenomenon. it's an inevitable part of life, that causes those of us that are left behind to be filled with so many emotions.  there is laughter and joy as i remember the lives  they lived and the times we had together.  there is a peace knowing that they are in heaven and i'll see them again someday.  there is a deep grief knowing that i can't pick up the phone and call my buddies or get together with them, wrestle with them or even laugh with them anymore.

despite the waves of emotion,  and  the roller coaster of grief that i have been riding, i realize i am left with more than just sorrow and wonderful memories of my friends.

they left me with a challenge.  these were two like minded, amazing guys who put the needs of others before their own, lived life to the full, loved god with all their strength, took risks, dared to be better men, challenged themselves, lived their passions out on a day to day basis, loved life and ultimately died doing what they loved. wow. this is the kind of man i want to be . . . this is the kind of legacy i want to leave behind.

i am challenged in their death to reevaluate my life, my priorities and my passions.  i am more aware than ever before that our days are numbered and our time here on earth is short. i am determined to live thankful for all that i have and for the gift of life. i am also left with the conviction to live life to its fullest, taking risks and living my passions.

although the past few weeks have been a hard struggle, and i will miss my friends dearly, i am thankful for the impact this tragedy has had on my life and the many blessings that have come from it.

to the readers of this blog, wether you are friends, clients or someone who just happened to stumble upon my site:  as we approach this new year, with a fresh start and the beggining of possibility, i urge you to stop and consider where you are at in life.  remember what is really important and who really matters.  love people. love life. take risks. live passionately.