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in loving memory

i've taken the past few weeks off from blogging as shortly after i posted my last entry, a few really good friends passed away on mt hood as they were attempting to summit the mountain. although there were 3 lives lost on the mountain, i was closest with the two guys that didn't make it down from their climb, anthony vietti and luke gullberg.

death is a complex phenomenon. it's an inevitable part of life, that causes those of us that are left behind to be filled with so many emotions.  there is laughter and joy as i remember the lives  they lived and the times we had together.  there is a peace knowing that they are in heaven and i'll see them again someday.  there is a deep grief knowing that i can't pick up the phone and call my buddies or get together with them, wrestle with them or even laugh with them anymore.

despite the waves of emotion,  and  the roller coaster of grief that i have been riding, i realize i am left with more than just sorrow and wonderful memories of my friends.

they left me with a challenge.  these were two like minded, amazing guys who put the needs of others before their own, lived life to the full, loved god with all their strength, took risks, dared to be better men, challenged themselves, lived their passions out on a day to day basis, loved life and ultimately died doing what they loved. wow. this is the kind of man i want to be . . . this is the kind of legacy i want to leave behind.

i am challenged in their death to reevaluate my life, my priorities and my passions.  i am more aware than ever before that our days are numbered and our time here on earth is short. i am determined to live thankful for all that i have and for the gift of life. i am also left with the conviction to live life to its fullest, taking risks and living my passions.

although the past few weeks have been a hard struggle, and i will miss my friends dearly, i am thankful for the impact this tragedy has had on my life and the many blessings that have come from it.

to the readers of this blog, wether you are friends, clients or someone who just happened to stumble upon my site:  as we approach this new year, with a fresh start and the beggining of possibility, i urge you to stop and consider where you are at in life.  remember what is really important and who really matters.  love people. love life. take risks. live passionately.

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Steven - what a beautiful post and touching tribute to your friends.

December 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie @ Marry You Me

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