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happy anniversary

every now and then, we unexpectedly encounter someone who makes such a huge impact on our life that it forever alters the course our life is taking. 

my senior year of college i had such an encounter when lynne baron contacted me regarding a custom gown for her daughter ashley. ashley had recently become engaged to gabriel rodriguez.  although i didn't know it at the time, my life would never be the same. i met with ashleyand her mother and we began the process of working on her wedding together.  i was scared to death because i had never created anything for anyone other than friends. 

throughout the course of their engagement, i experienced a whole new world of possibilities as we worked on ashley's dress and plans for the wedding. not only did i learn the art form of event design and coordination, make my first flower arrangements and stretch my talents past what i thought i was capable of,  but i also made life long friendships with people i now partner and collaborate with on a regular basis (ashley is now the creative master and writer behind the incredible blog 'not without salt' and gabe is co owner of gabriel boone, and is one of my top wedding photographers that i work with).

december 13th is a special day that not only marks the sixth anniversary of two good friends,  but it marks the anniversary of when i realized what i wanted to do with my lifeit's been six years of marriage for gabe and ashley,  but for me its been six years of pursuing my dreams and passions. 

perhaps it is because this was my first real wedding, or maybe because this was the day that changed my life forever as i fell in love with event design, but this is and will probably always be my favorite wedding. although these pictures are a walk down memory lane, i have no doubt that you will find this timeless, classic, inspiration filled wedding to be every bit as chic and elegant as it was six years ago.

the dress

ashley wanted to be distinctive. her mocha colored wedding gown accomplished this for her.  this off-the- shoulder ball gown was crafted from duchesse silk satin. the vintage inspired lace bodice was adorned with hundreds of austrian crystals that ashley and i sewed on by hand. the back of the bodice was closed shut with forty handmade buttons. to add drama to the back of the gown, i created lace and satin detachable panels that overlapped the cathedral length train. this dress sculpted from fabric was truly a work of art. it took about eight months to design and an entire month to create.



ashley and gabehappy anniversary!  it's been six years, but i still remember your wedding like it was yesterday.  ashley, you were the epitome of elegance, carrying yourself with such grace and class.  i'll never forget how calm you were as you descended the staircase to walk down the aisle . . . so poised, confident and excited.

you are by far the most talented couple that i know . . . there is no doubt in my mind that you will both be so successful with your own passions. playing a part in your wedding was amazing, but what's greater for me is the friendship that has continued since that day. thank you for dreaming with me, challenging me to greater things . . . and even more, believing in me and encouraging me.   i feel privileged to call you my friends.

lynne, you were so much more than a mother of the bride to me . . . you changed my life when you taught me that every event could be a work of art.  Your passion for a styled life and beautiful things mixed with your compassion and love for people helped shape me into who i am today. thank you for taking me under your wings, giving me the opportunity to find myself, introducing me to a whole new world of possibilities and impacting me in ways you will never know. a large part of who i am today is because of you.  i will cherish our friendship always. 

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Reader Comments (2)

Yep, this is a really special wedding.

December 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJulie

Hey Steve!
I met you yesterday at CTK and wanted to peak at your website. Incredible!
I know Gabe and Ashley through some friends of mine with the Camp Firwood Network. Ashley worked there. I never saw her wedding dress but it's gorgeous! Nice work - what a beautiful wedding!

February 10, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterheidi Horne

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